Thank You All I mean It 

Journey of life is never traveled alone. You always need love, support and guidance of your family, friends, teachers and Mentors. During my life journey many persons played an important role in my life and showed me they way to understand things around, way of moving on with life and handling various situations. I would like to say thanks to all of them here by naming a few of them because this website is not complete without mentioning them just the same as I am incomplete without them.


         My Immediate family Including My Father Dr. Mahmud-UL- Hassan (Deceased) , Mother Khalida Parveen, Sisters Khola,  Aqsa, their husbands, Waheed and Nakhshab and Brothers Dr. Hassan, Qamar and their Wives Nabila And Sobia and of course their Kids .

My Phuphos ( father's Sisters)  Sajida( Deceased), Suraya (Deceased ) and Husband Akhar Ul Hassan (Deceased) , Phupho Ejaz and Husband Munno Bhai, And Phupho Zahida and Husband Akhtar Mirza (Deceased)  and All of My Cousins Including Masoon Bhai , Amir Bhai and wife Amina Bhabhi, Guddi Appa, Gurya baji and Husband Nasir Bhai , Kashif Bhai and wife Fauzia Bhabhi, Wajih Akhtar and Wife Wjiha Bhabhi, Shabih Akhtar, Tanzila baji, Nabila And Children Of Course.

My Mamoo ( Mothers Brother) Umer Farooq and wife , and Cousins Including Usman, Affan, And hassaan, Khala Suraya (Mother's Sister) and Children. Also All Khalas and Children.

Chachu Qazi Zafar and Wife and Children. 

Among All of the family Members Special thanks to My Father Dr. Mahmud Ul Hassan(Deceased), Phupha Akhtar Mirza( Deceased) ,Bhai Amir Akhtar, Mamoo Umer Farooq, Phupha Munno Bhai, Chachu Qazi Zafar and Waheed Mohiuddin.



I am grateful to some of my very dear friends Including Aman Ullah, Haroon Tariq, Muhammad Waheed Anjum, Sunny Nawaz Mir, Malik Imran Advocate, Rana Qaiser Advocate, Ch. Ghulam Hussain Advocate, Lubna Ch. Advocate, Abid Aziz Advocate, Munawar Zeeshan Advocate, Muhammad Zubair (Lahore High Court), Malik Tariq, Atif Amin, Naseer Ahmad, Sultan Haroon Ismail,  Muhammad Seemab Aslam, Alamgir Hussain, Noman Sattar, Zovi Zoni. 

 Every friend in life matters. Apologies to other friends whose names I could not mention due to austerity reasons.


Mian Shahid Abbas President Peoples Lawyers Forum Lahore, Ex-Advisor To Governor Punjab Begum Bushra Malik,  Ex-Governor Punjab Khawaja Tariq Raheem.



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